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Meet Ellen Nicholson, Parliamentary Spokesperson for South West Wiltshire

Ellen is a Registered Nurse, holds degrees in social science (politics) and a Masters focused on Management and Leadership and was the Liberal Democrat candidate in the 2019 General Election

SW Wilts ()

She's proud to be spokesperson for South West Wiltshire standing up for the open-hearted, community values shared by residents across the constituency.

In the 2019 General Election, Ellen achieved the best result in ten years and increased the Liberal Democrat vote share by 4.8%. Building on this result, Ellen worked to ensure excellent South West Wiltshire results in the May 2021 local elections.

The Liberal Democrats are the main contenders to the Conservatives in Wiltshire.
Local Election Results ()

Ellen grew up in South Wales and now divides her time between South West Wiltshire and the South East for work and her role as a Liberal Democrat councillor.

Ellen works for the NHS in a national strategic role focusing on patient safety. She is an executive member of the Liberal Democrat Health and Care Association undertaking research for current MPs and Peers and a former forum chair for the Royal College of Nursing.

"Working in the public sector I am keenly aware of the importance of sound management and I believe that Wiltshire's services need both to improve and be fit for the challenge of improving our environment and quality of life".

Ellen is passionate about protecting and promoting the environment.

A member of the Wiltshire Climate Alliance and the Green Liberal Democrats, Ellen is acutely aware of the threat of climate change. She feels strongly that the government needs to take a more proactive stance to diminish the damage of human activity on our planet. She is proud of the Liberal Democrat commitment to a zero-carbon economy and its opposition to fracking.

"The environmental crises we face need urgent action, but that action brings opportunity".

She has a history of voluntary work, as a Covid-19 vaccinator for the NHS during the 2020-2022 pandemic and she volunteers for the Education and Employers "Inspiring the Future" programme which provides young people with insight into careers and inspires ambition.

Ellen collaborates with local groups on issues such as the proposed Westbury Incinerator and SEND education as well as broad ranging topics such as farming, rural affairs and rural crime. Her previous work as a university lecturer drives her wish to provide fair opportunity for all, she will campaign to reverse the cuts to our youth services and is angry that current education policies have had such a damaging effect on our schools.

"I'm keen to ensure that towns and villages are supported with the infrastructure they need both to thrive and retain their rural character".

Ellen said "I have witnessed first-hand the damage being done to our communities, environment, our healthcare and education systems by the current government, I'm committed to working to support the local community and achieving a more sustainable future across Wiltshire".

To contact Ellen:
Email: ellen4swwiltslibdems@gmail.com

Twitter: πŸ’™ Ellen 🧑 RN QN #StaySafe 😷 (@EllzSummary) / Twitter

FaceBook: Ellen Nicholson | Facebook

Ellen Nicholson ()

  • Dentist Crisis ()
    Article: Aug 9, 2022
    By South West Wiltshire Liberal Democrats

    In a shocking investigation of dentistry services across the UK, new analysis by the BBC has found that 100% of dentistry practices in Wiltshire are not accepting any new NHS patients.

    The local South West Wiltshire spokesperson, Ellen Nicholson, has demanded a Health Minister comes to visit dentistry practices in South West Wiltshire to see for themselves how dire the situation is.

  • Article: Jul 28, 2022
    By Ellen Nicholson

    Local Councillors have given new hope to campaigners fighting controversial plans for a new incinerator at Westbury as they withdrew their support from the Β£200m waste plant at the Northacre Industrial Estate.

    The final decision on the scheme's fate will be made after a planning inquiry likely to be held in November.

  • Article: Jul 8, 2022
    In New Valley News

    Responding to Boris Johnson's resignation, Liberal Democrat spokesperson for South West Wiltshire constituency, Ellen Nicholson, said:
    "It has been shocking and shameful to see South West Wiltshire's Conservative MP stand loyally by Boris Johnson and his Government through years of scandals and lies. It is clear Andrew Murrison only acted at the last minute to save his own skin.

  • Article: Jul 6, 2022
    By Ellen Nicholson

    The saga of the Conservative party in Government rolls on into another day, crisis after crisis and scandal after scandel have beset the Country and the Government under Johnson.

    After over 38 resignations since yesterday, Johnson is now refusing to quit despite no longer having the numbers to continue.

  • Article: Jul 5, 2022
    By Ellen Nicholson

    It's difficult to know where to begin with the events of today, but one thing is clear: Boris Johnson's House of Cards based on lies and deceit is toppling around him.

    Following this morning's unprecedented letter from Simon McDonald outlining what many already knew, that No 10 lies to the public and to Parliment and the civil servant disclosing to LBC, the dreadful state of things within the Government and urging colleagues to quit it was with interest we watched the Government unravell through the day.

  • Article: Jun 29, 2022
    By South West Wiltshire Liberal Democrats

    South West Wiltshire Liberal Democrats are calling on Andrew Murrison MP to get behind their calls for a rural fuel duty cut.

    The new Liberal Democrat MP for Tiverton and Honiton Richard Foord tabled a motion on his first day in Parliament to double Rural Duty Rate Relief to 10p and expand the scheme to cover areas like South West Wiltshire during the current spike in fuel prices.

  • South West Wiltshire Prospective Parliamentary Candidate - Ellen Nicholson
    Article: May 25, 2022

    South West Wiltshire's Lib Dems have today called on Boris Johnson to resign as the damning Sue Gray report is published and the Partygate scandal comes to a head.

    The local Liberal Democrats have accused the Conservatives of "failing the country" and added that while thousands in Wiltshire made sacrifices, Boris Johnson's Number 10 partied.

    The Liberal Democrats have also branded Conservative MPs supporting Boris Johnson as "insulting local people's sacrifices."

    Today, the Sue Gray report includes pictures of Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak together at a birthday party. The report came with a damning line to Boris Johnson's Government saying, "the senior leadership at the centre, both political and official, must bear responsibility for this culture."

    Responding to the news, Ellen Nicholson LIBERAL DEMOCRAT SPOKESPERSON said:

    "South West Wiltshire has been completely taken for granted. While local residents made sacrifices, Johnson's Number 10 partied. They think it's one rule for them and another for the rest of us.

    "The Sue Gray report is an insult to local people's sacrifices during the pandemic. We have all seen the pictures. It's clear they think they can take the British public for fools.

    "Whilst people in Wiltshire were making heartbreaking sacrifices, we know Boris Johnson's Downing Street was the scene of raucous parties and disgraceful behaviour. It is time Johnson did the decent thing and resigned.

    "The Liberal Democrats increased their vote share in 2019 general elections and came a clear second in the 2021 local elections. At the next election here it will be a clear choice between Boris Johnson's Conservative candidate and the hard working local Liberal Democrats. It is time we restored decency and integrity to our politics and finally get rid of this out of touch Conservative Government."

    Responding to the Sue Gray report, Leader of the Liberal Democrats Ed Davey added:

    "This report lays bare the shocking failures of leadership by Boris Johnson and shows why he's not fit to be prime minister of our country.

    "Johnson has dragged his entire government through the mud to protect his own job.

    "He didn't care while he laughed and broke the rules while the country was in lockdown. And he doesn't care now when every household in Britain faces eye-watering costs at the petrol pumps, sky-rocketing food prices and massive energy bills.

    "Any other Prime Minister would be forced to resign by a report as damaging as this, yet still Conservative MPs defend the Prime Minister and allow him to cling on."

    The link to the Sue Gray report is here.

    Featured here: South West Wiltshire Liberal Democrats call on Boris Johnson to resign | Wiltshire Times


  • Article: May 20, 2022

    South West Wiltshire's Liberal Democrats have slammed Andrew Murrison MP for voting against an emergency tax cut in the House of Commons on Wednesday.

    It comes as over 300 Conservative MPs voted against the measures put forward by the Liberal Democrats to cut VAT from 20% to 17.5%.

    This proposal would be set to save families in South West Wiltshire an average of Β£600 each, and would also reduce inflation by keeping prices down in the shops. However, it was blocked after the Conservatives voted it down.

    The Liberal Democrats are calling on the Chancellor Rishi Sunak to immediately bring in an emergency tax cut to help families facing soaring inflation and rising prices. The party is also calling for a windfall tax on the massive profits of oil and gas companies, to fund extra support for the most vulnerable families.

    Liberal Democrat spokesperson for the South West Wiltshire, Ellen Nicholson, has slammed the local Conservative MP for voting against the tax cut.

    Commenting, Ellen Nicholson said:

    "People in Wiltshire are struggling with skyrocketing energy bills and rising food and fuel prices.

    "But the Conservatives have done nothing to help, and instead have blocked our calls for an emergency tax cut. Families and pensioners in Wiltshire deserve better than Andrew Murrison, who voted against tax cuts put forward by the Lib Dems.

    "The Liberal Democrats are fighting for a better deal for communities being let down and taken for granted by this Conservative government. Our plans for a VAT cut would put money back into people's pockets and boost spending in our high streets to support the economy."


    Full voting record on the Lib Dem amendment to the Queen's Speech, which would have introduced an emergency VAT cut, can be found here.


  • Nationality and Borders Bill ()
    Article: Apr 14, 2022
    By Ellen Nicholson

    Just when you think Conservatives have hit rock bottom, they stoop to a new low. No doubt this latest press announcement (during Parliamentary Recess notice) is designed to detract from the #Partygate scandal and Johnson's failure to resign as well as creating deliberate electorate division in the run up to local elections being held on 5th May in some parts of England.

  • Article: Apr 6, 2022
    By South West Wiltshire Liberal Democrats

    Wiltshire to be hit by Β£82 million National Insurance bombshell as cost of living crisis bites

    • Typical family in Wiltshire set to pay an extra Β£162.80 in national insurance contributions (NICs) this year as cost of living crunch hits.
    • Local businesses are also set to feel the squeeze with Β£49 million tax hit.
    • Lib Dems demand emergency VAT tax cut to put money back in the pockets of struggling families.