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South West Wiltshire Liberal Democrats

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Wiltshire Police and Crime Commissioner by-election concludes

August 20, 2021 9:00 PM
By South West Wiltshire Liberal Democrats

Well done to Brian Mathew for running such a good campaign on behalf of the Wiltshire Liberal Democrats for the re-run of the Wiltshire Police and Crime Commissioner elections.

Ali (Lab and Co-op) 12,971 Malins - (Ref) 1,859 Mathew (LibDem) 17,966 Rees (Ind) 25,197 Wilkinson (Con) 32,564 Rees and Wilkinson went through to the 2nd stage count where the new Tory candidate Wilkinson won.

The final results of the PCC election were: The total number of valid 1st and 2nd preference votes for the remaining candidates are: Rees (Ind) 34,815 Wilkinson (Con) 37,752

Brian Mathew ()

Well done as well to Independent Mike Rees who came second, so nearly ensuring that the Conservatives didn't win the contenscious re-run caused by their initial candidate failing to disclose previous convictions, the Thames Valley Police Investigation has yet to report on its findings into the debacle that has cost tax payers around £1.5 million pounds.

The fact that it is close indicates change is afoot even in Wiltshire Now let's see if the Conservative slogan 'More Police, Safer Streets' that appeared on the ballot paper actually happens or if it's just hot air.