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19th Century parliamentary voting system in the 21st Century

June 2, 2020 7:45 PM
By Ellen Nicholson

Voting ()What a waste of MPs time & tax payers money when an electronic voting system is available, accessible and works.

It's the 21st Century
UK Parliament needs to embrace the resources available not push to join the 19th Century #ElectoralReform in the House of Commons is badly needed and this image highlights the need to do this at speed.

This system of dissallowing electronic voting disadvantages those approx 200 MPs who are self isolating - so effectively the system is discrimatory and isn't representing around around a third of the population of the U.K.

One assumes that the Conservative worry with implementing electronic voting is that the whips might have less sway over how people vote which means Mps might actually have a chance to vote according to constituents wishes rather than the party line.

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