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Recent updates
  • Spring Conference
    Article: Feb 7, 2020

    Spring Conference 2020

    York: 13-15 March 2020

    Join us for a long weekend at Spring Conference in York and be part of fighting for something greater - an open, fair and inclusive country based on our liberal values.

    Get ready for 3 days of lively, informative and engaging events, the opportunity to participate in thought provoking debates, vote on policy motions, enjoy some social events, meeting like-minded people. And, remember to attend the fringe events - a crucial part of conference, where you can hear from experts on a range of topics and take advantage of our training sessions to pick up some new skills.

  • Daisy Cooper MP ()
    Article: Feb 5, 2020

    Responding to the Government's launch of a public consultation on whether failure to pay the TV licence fee should no longer be a criminal offence, Liberal Democrat Digital, Culture, Media and Sport spokesperson Daisy Cooper said:

    "The BBC, like the NHS, is a national treasure and this is a blatant attempt to kill it off.

    "These proposed changes - which could deprive the BBC of more than £200 million - would put at risk the BBC's investment in our homegrown British talent, and leave TV content at the mercy of US corporates.

    "Those who do pay will resent free-loaders and vulnerable people who can't afford to pay will be put at the mercy of bailiffs and bad credit scores.

    "Liberal Democrats will fight to protect the BBC and stand up to this Conservative Government's growing threat to independent journalism."

  • Tax bill rise ()
    Article: Feb 5, 2020
    By Wiltshire Liberal Democrats

    Your Council Tax is going up above inflation thanks to Wiltshire's ruling Conservatives.

    They want a 4% increase and more to be added to your bill by the Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner.

    "Wiltshire's schools, police and local council services get less cash than other places.
    "The Conservatives keep saying that they are sorting this. Yet all that happens is our bills go up. It's time Wiltshire got a fair deal." say Wiltshire Liberal Democrats.

  • Heathrow expansion ()
    Article: Feb 4, 2020

    The Liberal Democrats have today urged MPs to oppose "decisions that fly in the face of climate change commitments" and back their amendment to cancel Heathrow's third runway.

    Munira Wilson, the Liberal Democrats' Transport Spokesperson and MP for Twickenham, has lodged an amendment to a Labour motion calling for the cancellation of Heathrow's third runway.

    This move, to be debated in the House of Commons on Tuesday [05/02/2020], will give MPs the first opportunity to reject Heathrow expansion in this Parliament. It is also the first vote MPs will have on the issue since June 2018.

    Munira Wilson, Liberal Democrats' Transport Spokesperson, said:

    "Heathrow is already the UK's biggest source of carbon emissions and a third runway will increase the number of flights by 300,000 a year. We cannot continue to make decisions that fly in the face of our climate change commitments.

    "The utter cheek, therefore, of Tory Ministers claiming to be committed to achieving net-zero emissions whilst pressing ahead with one of the most damaging projects is beyond me.

    "Liberal Democrats will continue to fight against expansion of Heathrow airport and will hold the Tories to account on their poor record on tackling the climate emergency. We will therefore give Parliament an opportunity to put action to warm words and vote to reject a third runway."

  • £12bn black hole ()
    Article: Feb 4, 2020
    By Ellen Nicholson

    Responding to reports that the govt is a facing £12bilion Brexit black hole in three years according to Financial Times analysis of BoE forecasting, Liberal Democrat acting leader Ed Davey said:

    "Boris Johnson is not fit to run the UK's economy.

    "This grim forecast for the nation's coffers is a warning that his plan to hollow out our vital trading relationships with Europe is nothing short of reckless.

    "Johnson's Brexit is taking Britain's public finances to the brink. He must halt his charge to a No Deal or Hard Brexit and guarantee instead the closest trading relationship possible with the EU. Otherwise there'll be no money in the future for the NHS, schools and police."

  • Dr Yoew Poon
    Article: Feb 4, 2020
    By Dr Yeow Poon, Chair CLDs

    10 years ago, I had the honour of sitting beside Paddy Ashdown during a dinner function. When I asked him what liberal democracy was, he answered in 3 words 'Liberty, Fairness, Tolerance'. In the weeks leading to this evening, I asked several people - is Liberal Democracy as understood and practised today fit to meet the challenges of the 21st Century?

  • Ddd
    Article: Feb 3, 2020

    For many people leaving the EU directly impacts their perception of who they are. The "Stay European" campaign has been created to lobby for an EU Associate membership scheme which would allow people to continue as EU members as individuals

    At the time of writing almost 100,000 had signed to join the campaign . If you would like to join then go to. https://www.stayeuropean.org/

  • Ed Davey ()
    Article: Feb 3, 2020
    Ed Davey responded to Boris Johnson's speech outlining his position on trade negotiations with the EU, the Liberal Democrat Acting Leader said:
    "Paying lip-service to free trade after taking us out of the largest free trade zone in the world is nothing short of hypocrisy.
    "All it shows is that Johnson is happy to jeopardise our trade with the EU for political gain. Refusing to practically commit to a level playing field is simply not a serious negotiating strategy.
  • Great crested newts ()
    Article: Feb 1, 2020
    By Wiltshire Lib Dems

    are protected by law, so when building takes place in newty areas the developers have to provide and manage bits of land where the amphibians can survive. Planning permissions include conditions to ensure that happens.

    In practice the suspicion is that once planning is granted, the measures to protect the newts are not carried out particularly enthusiastically and the habitats decline.

  • Article: Feb 1, 2020

    Responding to reports that Boris Johnson will attempt to secure a Canada style trading deal with the EU, Liberal Democrat Acting Leader Ed Davey said:

    "Boris Johnson talks about bringing the country together and building a prosperous future. Neither of those things can be done by deliberately hollowing out our existing trade relationships with our most important economic partners. This is nothing short of a scorched earth policy.

    "Johnson is only interested in bringing the Brexit vote together, not the country. He is more than happy to leave the 48% behind.

    "The Liberal Democrats will hold this government to account. We will work with progressive and pro European parties to ensure people know there is another way."