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Recent updates

  • Article: Feb 2, 2018

    WC has been allocated more than £8.5m from the Government to pay for the construction of the Yarnbrook to West Ashton Relief Road.

    The funding will pay for the additional ecological protection, design and construction costs. This includes improvements to the A350 road layout adjacent to the site. The funding will enable the delivery of the housing allocation at Ashton Park on the edge of Trowbridge.

  • Article: Jan 30, 2018

    The WC 'cabinet' has agreed the charges following a rigged consultation. The official WC release is below, with grammatical and other errors corrected. When reading it bear in mind that:

    1. The approval levels are high because people were threatened with consequences if they didn't give the right answer.

    2. There may not have been 'inflationary' increases but there have been other non-inflationary increases.

    3. 'Harmonise' means rip off.

    4. The 'other funding opportunities suggested' by respondents to the survey have all been ignored.


  • Article: Jan 23, 2018

    A planning application has gone in to Wiltshire Council for a range of predators to be scattered around the courtyard area at Longleat. They range from crocodile to angler fish and great white shark to harpy eagle, as well as a giant venus fly trap.

    The models will have realistically moving parts and will be able to interact with visitors - you can make the venus fly trap shut by throwing a ball into it, and you can get spat at by the spitting cobra.

  • Article: Jan 12, 2018

    Wiltshire Council has admitted that the costs of introducing the charges would be high, so it will firstly "Explore the possibility of an asset transfer / service delegation of the facility to the local community before 3 September 2018. If not possible, introduce the proposed pay and display parking charges and season ticket charges to mitigate the cost of operation. (Operation - MiPermit only)."

  • Article: Jan 12, 2018

    WC wants to save money on buses, so is gradually cutting back on the more costly services. In the most recent round of cuts the following have gone:

    Devizes town taxibus.

    70 A and 72A Swindon to Marlborough evening service.

    Marston Meysey taxibus.

    25A Wilton.

    C2W Woodford Saturday service.

    52 Bourton to Warminster.

  • Article: Jan 9, 2018

    An application for change of use of the Westfield Road pub, which has been closed for some time, has been submitted to Wiltshire Council. It would be turned into a convenience store with a flat above and with five houses to the rear of the site.

    More details on WC website here

    Update Jan 9th - application now permitted.

  • Article: Jan 3, 2018

    The government has recently announced that the restriction on increases to the police part of the council tax is to be eased this year. This could mean a reduction in the rate of cuts to the force, though we will be paying via our council tax bills. By paying more locally we're also indirectly funding other parts of the country which get higher grants from central government. A consultation, which won't affect the decision to make the increase, is underway.

  • Article: Jan 2, 2018

    If you walked all of Wiltshire's footpaths, bridleways and byways you'd have travelled 3,850 miles - equivalent to walking to Istanbul and back. In fact walking to Turkey might be easier because according to the Ramblers less than half of Wiltshire's network is easily passable. Some routes are blocked by barbed wire, many stiles and gates are in poor condition, and signposts have rotted away due to neglect.

  • Article: Jan 2, 2018

    700 homes in the county have been sitting empty for two years or more, research by the Liberal Democrats has revealed.

    The figures, uncovered through Freedom of Information requests, show that there are over 200,000 homes across the country that have been empty for six months or more.

    Wiltshire has failed to make use of Empty Dwelling Management Orders (EDMO), powers given to local authorities to take over properties that have been empty for at least two years so they can be used to stop families being homeless.

    Nationally only 19 of the 247 councils in England and Wales that responded had used an EDMO in the past five years. Of these only six had used one in the past year.

    Comment: At a time when the homelessness crisis is worsening and more and more people are sleeping out in the cold on our streets, it is a scandal that so many homes locally are sitting empty. These homes could be turned into affordable places to live for those that need it across Wiltshire. The Government needs to urgently review the current system which is clearly not working and local authorities needs to be given the powers and resources to bring empty homes back into use.


    Full figures by local council can be found here

  • Article: Jan 2, 2018

    Clinical Commissioning Groups including Wiltshire have been carrying out surveys to judge support for changes to the way passenger transport is funded. The questions in the surveys have been loaded to encourage responses which reject the concept of letting people who need non-emergency transport get to hospital for free.