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Recent updates
  • Polling Day Vote Lib Dem ()
    Article: Dec 12, 2019
    In a general election campaign that has been underscored by new levels of misinformation and denial from opposition parties, hiding from reporters in fridges and not turning up for debates, the campaigns in South West Wiltshire have been run with a minimum of acrimony between the four parties and candidates standing, surely the gold standard for political behaviour.
  • ballot box
    Article: Dec 12, 2019

    Polls are now open in for the General Election and will remain open until 10pm this evening.

    Locally, the Liberal Democrats have five excellent candidates standing across Wiltshire.

    Ellen Nicholson is standing in South West Wiltshire

    Dr Brian Matthew is standing in North Wiltshire

    Helen Belcher is standing in Chippenham

  • Brexit Lies 2 ()
    Article: Dec 12, 2019

    Liberal Democrat Leader Jo Swinson delivered her final speech of the election campaign in Esher and Walton, urging voters to back the Liberal Democrats to stop Boris Johnson getting a majority and stop Brexit.

    Jo Swinson said:

    "My message today is clear. To stop Brexit, we must stop Boris Johnson. We have one more day left to do it.

    "To all my fellow Lib Dem activists up and down the country - I say this: keep going. Keep fighting for every vote.

    "And to everyone out there who has a growing pile of Lib Dem leaflets on their kitchen table: we can win where you live.

    "You can stop another Conservative MP being elected. You can stop Boris Johnson from getting a majority he doesn't deserve. You can help us stop Brexit.

    "On Monday, Boris Johnson once again showed us the kind of leader he is going to be.

    "Faced with that heart-breaking image of Jack, he refused to look at it, to acknowledge it, even taking the phone out of the journalist's hand and putting it in his pocket. As though that would somehow make it all go away. What a coward.

    "He doesn't care about Jack, and if he wins a majority, he'll spend the next five years not caring about you or your family either. He'll spend five years running away from scrutiny. Avoiding inconvenient truths. Hoping that his power and privilege alone will keep him in Number 10."

  • Johnson lied ()
    Article: Dec 11, 2019

    It's the only choice for building a brighter future

    This Thursday marks one of the most important elections in a generation. If Boris Johnson wins a majority, he will push through his disastrous Brexit plan. He will also plunge us headfirst into some of the most extreme economic policies in decades.

  • Brexit lies
    Article: Dec 11, 2019

    Alexandra Hall Hall, who was the lead envoy for Brexit in the British Embassy in Washington quit saying the government were not being "fully honest" over Brexit, and that it was undermining the credibility of the UK abroad.

    We have been honest since the start of the Brexit process. We think it's a terrible idea, and that we should stop it. Our position inside the European Union means that we can have far more influence on a global scale. Brexit has been a meltdown on an international stage, and frankly, it's an embarrassment that we should end immediately.

  • Ed Davey (in Bournemouth 2019)
    Article: Dec 10, 2019

    The Liberal Democrats have revealed that Brexit is already costing the government £380-470 million a week - money that could have been spent on the NHS instead.

    The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) has estimated that GDP is £55-66 billion lower this year than it would have been without Brexit, mainly due to uncertainty deterring business investment. Business investment in the UK has fallen by 3% since the end of 2017, whereas other G7 countries have seen it grow.

    Based on the IFS figures, the Liberal Democrats have calculated that public sector receipts (which are 37% of GDP) are £20.3-24.3 billion lower this year than they would have been, which equates to £380-470 million a week.

    Commenting on the figure, Liberal Democrats Shadow Chancellor Ed Davey said:

    "Boris's lie on the side of a bus was an even bigger whopper than we thought. Not only does Brexit not mean an extra £350 million a week for the NHS, it actually means £350 million a week less - and that's before we've even left.

    "If Boris Johnson wins a majority on Thursday, his disastrous hard Brexit will suck even more money out of our economy and our public services. Only the Liberal Democrats can win seats from the Tories and deny Boris a majority.

    "That's why every vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote to stop Boris, stop Brexit and invest the £50 billion Remain Bonus from higher economic growth to build a brighter future."

  • Armed Forces ()
    Article: Dec 10, 2019

    The Armed Forces play a vital role in the defence of the nation: government should have a deep sense of duty to properly support service personnel and veterans. Neither the Conservatives nor Labour have shown a commitment to this: the Conservative government in particular has spread chronic low morale, misspent money on vanity projects and failed to recruit and retain people with the skills needed for 21st century warfare.

    Liberal Democrats are the only party who
    understand the new challenges faced by the Armed Forces and who are committed to properly supporting them.

    We will:
    - Commit to the principle of collective self-defence as laid out in the North Atlantic Treaty (NATO) and spending two per cent of GDP on defence in line with NATO recommendations: as the economy grows after we have stopped Brexit, this will mean an extra £3 billion over the parliament.

    - Strengthen our armed services and address critical skills shortages by recruiting STEM graduates to be armed forces engineers, providing 'golden handshakes' of up to £10,000.

    - Promote an international treaty on the principles and limits of the use of technology in modern warfare.

    - Recognise the expansion of warfare into the cybersphere by investing in our security and intelligence services and acting to counter cyberattacks.

    - Maintain a minimum nuclear deterrent, while pursuing multilateral nuclear
    disarmament: continuing with the Dreadnought programme, the submarinebased replacement for Vanguard, but procuring three boats and moving to a
    medium-readiness responsive posture and maintaining the deterrent through measures such as unpredictable and irregular patrolling patterns.

    - Support the Armed Forces Covenant and ongoing work to support veterans' mental health.

    - Improve the quality of housing for service personnel by bringing the Ministry of Defence into line with other landlords, giving tenants the same legal rights to
    repair and maintenance as private tenants.

  • CHugh GrantChukaU LDV twitter (CityOW LDs Twitter)
    Article: Dec 10, 2019

    Almost one million businesses in the UK have closed in the past three years, analysis by the Liberal Democrats has revealed, showing how Brexit uncertainty under the Conservatives is hitting our high streets.

    It comes as the Liberal Democrats unveil a series of measures to reverse this decline and boost small businesses, to mark Small Business Saturday.

  • Alistair Carmichael
    Article: Dec 10, 2019

    "Boris Johnson has been caught lying to the British public once again. Leaked documents reveal the Conservative government's Northern Ireland Protocol plans, showing that his "great" Brexit deal would be in fact a knockout blow to the economy of Northern Ireland,", say Alistair Carmichael, Liberal Democrats Shadow Northern Ireland Secretary.

    "This is proof that the Conservatives just see Brexit as a political game, no matter the cost. Boris Johnson doesn't care about other people's jobs, he only cares about keeping his own.

    "The Tories knows that their Brexit deal will devastate the economy. By their own estimate, 98% of Northern Irish exporters are "likely to struggle to bear this cost". Many of these are small, local businesses who form the backbone of our communities and our economy.

    "Any form of Brexit will be disruptive to jobs, the economy, and our security.

  • Plan for Britain's Future ()
    Article: Dec 9, 2019

    Following the BBC's Young People's Question Time programme, Ed Davey, Liberal Democrat Deputy Leader, said:

    "Tonight Jo Swinson proved - yet again - that she is the next generation leader this country needs.

    "Jo could not be more of a contrast to Corbyn and Johnson - two men who are willing to trash our future, yet couldn't even be bothered to turn up tonight to answer young people's questions. Meanwhile Angela Rayner made it crystal clear that the Labour party won't lift a finger to stop Brexit.

    "Jo is leading the only party with an ambitious plan to empower young people. A Liberal Democrat government will stop Brexit, tackle the climate emergency before it's too late, and invest in creating the homes, the education service and the inclusive society that so many young people want to see.

    "Times have changed and we need a leader that's changed with them. While Labour and the Tories are stuck in the past, the Liberal Democrats have bold plans to build a brighter future."

    Vote Liberal Democrats on Thursday 12th December