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  • 2010 hustings in Warminster (warminster people)
    Article: Nov 21, 2014

    Trowbridge churches (CATA) will be organising an Election Hustings in Trowbridge on the Thursday evening one week before election day, that is Thursday 30th April. This is your chance to hear and interrogate the five (so far) candidates. It's likely that other hustings will be arranged at other towns and villages - watch this space for details.

  • Article: Nov 20, 2014

    Cash-strapped Wiltshire Council hopes to make money by selling advertising space beside local main roads. WC has submitted and permitted planning applications to erect signs on eighteen roundabouts including on the A350 around Melksham and Semington, the A361 Hilperton Drive, and the White Horse Business Park.

  • Article: Nov 17, 2014

    As drivers, we cause more deaths, injuries and damage in the UK than all the massed ranks of thugs and muggers and murderers and vandals and terrorists combined. Wiltshire Police are trying to stop us doing it. Here's their message:


  • Trevor Carbin
    Article: Nov 16, 2014

    Liberal Democrats have selected local councillor Trevor Carbin as their prospective candidate for the 2015 election.

    The South West Wiltshire constituency stretches from Trowbridge down to the county boundary with Dorset, and also includes the towns of Westbury and Warminster as well as numerous villages of which Mere and Tisbury are the largest.

  • Multi-storey car park
    Article: Nov 15, 2014

    ... is open until January 16th. Here's the link: http://consult.wiltshire.gov.uk/portal

  • Article: Nov 13, 2014

    A police station may be popping up in a street near you thanks to Trowbridge Area Board.

    An application to this evening's Area Board meeting for £1750 to help the police get out and about in the town and surrounding villages was approved. According to Cllr Graham Payne, "The purpose of the grant is to provide a 'Pop Up Police Station' to be used by Trowbridge police (exclusively within the Trowbridge Area Board boundaries).
    The equipment will be used regularly (at least once a week) to take out into the villages, the town centre and the housing estates to enhance the police presence and publicise police initiatives to make our communities safer. It would also be used to highlight police activity to counteract specific incidents of crime that may be occurring in an area at any time (eg damage to vehicles or anti-social behaviour)."

  • Article: Nov 13, 2014

    Every year hundreds of people in Wiltshire are brought to an early grave by air pollution. Although little if anything will be done about the pollution itself, more information is becoming available to help people understand and react to the problem.

    WC's Public Health and Public Protection services have been writing the Wiltshire Air Quality Action Plan and working with communities which have air quality management areas.

  • Article: Nov 12, 2014
    Wiltshire Council is spending nearly £80 million to provide improved facilities and services in some parts of the county. However the programme is like a pyramid selling scam - those who got in early have done well, but the others are getting ripped off.

    The council's Cabinet discussed progress on the programme on Tuesday Nov 11th. Seven campuses in Calne, Corsham, Cricklade, Melksham, Pewsey, Salisbury and Tisbury will all now be open within the next three years.

    Cabinet also decided to approve the delivery of the first phase of a campus in Malmesbury.

    In other parts of the county, communities are, in WC's words, "encouraged to develop campus proposals at their own pace, taking into account their local needs." In English this means they're stuffed unless they want to do the whole thing themselves.

    Jonathon Seed, cabinet member for campuses, said: "I am delighted that cabinet has approved the campus programme moving forward and that this will result in new campus buildings across Wiltshire in at least eight local community areas.

    "Other communities can progress the delivery of a campus that is appropriate for them. Our aim is to enable all our communities to become stronger and build their resilience and the campus programme will help them to achieve this. We want to encourage communities to get involved and look at where community hubs can be located to host a range of services and activities that meet their local needs; either as an interim or final solution.

    "The move forward of our campus programme beyond the first phase shows that we are committed to providing co-located services, facilities and community engagement that are fit for purpose for years to come."

    Springfield Community Campus in Corsham will be the first to be fully open, with the second phase to refurbish the existing leisure centre due to be completed in summer 2015. The first phase, which opened in August this year providing a new library, café, climbing wall, leisure facilities and extensive community space, has been a huge success.

    Since opening, more than 360 people have joined the library, which has seen a big increase in user numbers with more than 11,000 visitors in August compared to the year before - a rise of almost 97 per cent.

    Work on the Beversbrook site in Calne, which includes an all-weather pitch and refurbishing the existing pavilion, is due to be completed by the summer of 2015.

    The Five Rivers Leisure Centre site in Salisbury is the site of the community campus, which is expected to open in autumn 2015 providing an enlarged cafe, climbing wall, extended gym, dance studio, community space, music rehearsal rooms and a recording studio.

    The campus in Tisbury, which features a pre-school and children's centre, play areas, a 16+ teaching area and IT room, sports hall and fitness suite and a library, is expected to be ready in spring 2016.

    In Cricklade the refurbishment and additional community facilities at the existing leisure centre are expected to be available for use in summer 2016.

    The plans for Pewsey community campus are currently out for consultation. Construction work is scheduled to start in spring 2015 with an anticipated completion date of late 2016. The campus will include a new swimming pool, dance studio, a multi-use games area, community space, café and clinical space.

    Melksham campus, with a six-lane pool, bowling greens, fitness/dance suite and gym, cricket pitch, tennis courts, a library and hall is expected to be ready for use in early 2017.

  • Article: Nov 11, 2014

    Thanks to Kevin Hannon, Chairman of the European Movement Midlands branch, for giving us the facts:


    Mr Cameron is appalled at the "vast" amount as he called it being asked of the UK as its extra contribution to the EU. This comes from a re-assessment of the statistics of the size of the economies of all the EU countries; which they had agreed some years ago to do.

  • Article: Nov 10, 2014

    Wiltshire Council has decided that drivers visiting the Bradley Road retail park in Trowbridge will have to turn left on exit. Those wishing to return to Trowbridge will then have to u-turn at the Woodmarsh roundabout. WC itself has performed a u-turn on the initial proposal to remove the parking bay outside the shop opposite - this will now remain in place.

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