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Recent updates

  • Article: Jul 3, 2015

    Household recycling centres in Wiltshire are being cut back by the council's Conservative administration. As of July 13th, the centres will each be closed for two days a week, though they'll all be open Saturday-Sunday-Monday and the closure days will be different for different towns, so anyone desperate for a tip will still be able to find one.

  • Article: Jul 2, 2015

    If you're a resident of Hilperton, Paxcroft Mead or the adjoining bits of Trowbridge, this is a message for you from Cllrs Clark and Oldrieve:


    We believe it is time for further action :

    1. To save the Gap from housing development
    2. To change the Wilshire Council intention of allowing the maximum speed limit to be 50mph along the new roads.
  • Article: Jul 1, 2015
    Managers of Bath's Royal United Hospital have carried out a comprehensive review of the estate and have developed a strategic plan to improve the quality and standard of accommodation and services provided.

    A comprehensive phased masterplan has been prepared which identifies how specific building projects will come forward as more detailed design work is progressed with key stakeholders and clinicians.

  • Article: Jun 25, 2015

    Splash provides summertime activities for young people:

    Summer in the Trowbridge Area
    Mon 27th & Tues 28th Jul - Out There @ Green Lane Woods * 2 Day Activity*
    Wed 12th Aug - Out There @ Green Lane Woods
    Thur 13th & Fri 14th Aug - Splash Survival @ Brokerswood *Overnight*
    Mon 17th Aug - Catch it, Cook it, Eat it @ Brokerswood
    Tues 18th Aug - Out there @ Green Lane Woods
    Wed 19th Aug - Wet 'n' Wild @ Bradford-on-Avon
    Thurs 20th & Fri 21st Aug - Paddle, Peddle, Pursuit @ Brokerswood *Overnight*

    New Splash Location - Warminster
    Tues 25th Aug - Music Matters @ Warminster Fire Station

    For more info on all these projects, take a look at www.splash-wiltshire.org.uk or Facebook page

  • Article: Jun 24, 2015
    ...because as a trunk road it's maintained by 'Highways England', formerly the Highways Agency. Here's their statement:
    Highways England is taking swift action to carry out important remedial works on the A303 near Amesbury.

    Following investigations, resurfacing work carried out on the A303 between Countess Roundabout and Cholderton last winter will need replacing because the stone used was contaminated with low quality materials. .

    Highways England project manager, Paul Vosper said: "We sincerely apologise to our customers for the disruption these additional works will cause, but it's vitally important the surfacing on this busy main route is replaced quickly to ensure safe and reliable journeys for many years to come.

    Leaving the surface in place for any longer than necessary could possibly lead to further unplanned problems in the future and further disruption. That is why we have acted quickly to rectify the situation and well ahead of the school summer holidays when traffic flows increase significantly.

    We have consulted with Wiltshire Council to ensure the work is completed with the minimum of disruption.

    Our suppliers recognise the issues and are working at their own expense to ensure the road is repaired and will provide trouble free use for many years to come."

    The scheme, between Countess Roundabout and Cholderton, will affect the east and westbound carriageway of the A303 for a total of five miles and will be carried out overnight between 8.00pm and 6.00am.

    Work starts on Tuesday, 30 June and continues until Thursday, 18 July. During the first week, work will last from Tuesday to Friday, with the remaining two weeks taking place Monday to Thursday.

    To ensure the safety of both the travelling public and the workforce, it will be necessary to fully close sections of the A303 to through traffic. Fully signed diversion routes will be in place.

    Westbound traffic will be diverted via the A338, Portway and the A345. The eastbound route will take traffic via the A345 Salisbury Road, the A3028, Marlborough Road, Tidworth Road, Bulford Road and the A338 Salisbury Road.

    In addition, diversion routes for local traffic travelling west will be via Solstice Park Avenue, London Road and the A345. Eastbound local traffic will be diverted via the A345, London Road and Porton Road. Through traffic will be diverted via Salisbury Road, the A3028 and the A345 Countess Road.

    Additional diversion routes for all through traffic will be in place between Andover and Wylye via the A343, A30 and A36 and also via the A338.

    Members of the public should contact the Highways England customer contact centre on 0300 123 5000.

  • Article: Jun 23, 2015

    Tory cabinet member for Transport Philip Whitehead has rejected pleas from Trowbridge and Hilperton residents for lower speed limits on the new roads through Hilperton Gap and Leap Gate. The Gap road will have a 50 limit, the existing part of Leap Gate will keep its 40mph limit, and the new bit will be 50mph. A total of 221 objections to the proposals were received.

  • votes at 16
    Article: Jun 23, 2015

    Liberal Democrats have launched a campaign to lower the voting age to 16.

    In the Scottish independence referendum, 16 and 17-year-olds were given the right to vote for the first time and almost all of those who did so said would vote again if they were able to.

    It would be great if you could help spread the message by signing our petition and sharing it on Facebook or Twitter.


  • Green Bin
    Article: Jun 22, 2015

    Wiltshire Conservatives voted in February to charge you £40 per year to empty your garden waste bins. In West Wiltshire the green bins were introduced by the old District Council, and were free as a service to residents.

    Paid for collections started last week. Stickers stuck on the bins were supposed to tell the collectors which bins to empty. However the stickers weren't sticky so they're not sticking. If you have a non-sticky sticker you can take it back and get a sticky sticker.

  • Article: Jun 19, 2015

    Wiltshire Council and the Traffic Commissioners were given the statutory 56 days' notice by First Bus that they would be withdrawing from operating commercially Service 234 (Chippenham - Trowbridge Frome) and Service T1 (Trowbridge Town). This will take effect from 2nd August. Wiltshire Council have ensured that the X34 will continue to be operated by Faresaver on the Chippenham - Trowbridge - Frome route, with some additional services early morning and late afternoon to fill the gaps. Wiltshire Council is now seeking a contract to operate a Trowbridge Town Service between the town centre and Wiltshire Drive/Studley Green, this is likely to be on a reduced frequency to the T1. The St Thomas Rd/Victoria Rd/Hilperton parts of the T1 are likely to be covered by route adjustments to the X34.

  • Jane Scott
    Article: Jun 18, 2015

    The uproar generated by the withdrawal of funding for the service has had an effect. WC now says the Hopper will stay until April instead of being axed this autumn. However the long term future is still uncertain.

    Wiltshire Times article

    Here's a message from Cllr Terry Chivers, who has been leading the campaign against chopping the hopper: