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Recent updates

  • Article: Aug 2, 2015

    Following protests about the impact of high speed roads on the residents of the new estates in Trowbridge, Wiltshire Council has changed its mind and published proposals for a 30mph limit on Leap Gate in the vicinity of Castlemead School, and for 20mph limits on all the residential roads in the area. The original published plans were for 40mph on Leap Gate and 30mph on the side roads.

  • Article: Jul 31, 2015

    Figures released today by the Department for Health shows the Conservative Government is planning a £1.065m cut to the public health budget in Wiltshire. The budget is used to help improve people's health so there is less pressure on the NHS.

    Work undertaken by public health budgets include encouraging people to exercise more, give up smoking, drink less, come off drugs and drink, and avoid sexually transmitted diseases.

    "This cut will mean that local residents are less likely to make good decisions on their health, and when they do need help it is less likely to be there for them," says the Lib Dem leader on Wiltshire Council, Jon Hubbard.

    "Cutting the budget in the middle of the financial year means it will be really difficult to make these cuts. Liberal Democrats say these are the wrong cuts, made in the wrong way and they will end up costing the Government and the NHS more than is saved."

    The Government proposals can be found at: https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/449058/Cons_local_authorities_public_health_grant.pdf

  • Article: Jul 30, 2015

    Taylor Wimpey have applied to build up to 145 dwellings on land next to Hawkeridge Park. The outline application, reference 15/07071/OUT, includes drainage works, a noise attenuation bund, and associated infrastructure with an access onto The Ham.

    Details on the WC website

  • key_House-of-Lords.jpg
    Article: Jul 30, 2015

    Politicians from across the political spectrum should seize the opportunity to overhaul the House of Lords once and for all, Lib Dem leader Tim Farron has said.

    It comes amid the fallout of Lord Sewel's resignation from the House of Lords, which has sparked calls for a shake-up of the second chamber.

    Tim has written to party leaders in the Commons and Lords - as well as crossbench peers - urging them to back the case for reform.

    He said: "Lord Sewel's resignation is welcome, albeit 24 hours too late. But this is not just about one bad apple, it's about a system which is rotten to the core and allows unelected, unaccountable people to think they are above the law.

    "It is yet another sorry reflection of an undemocratic system, and more than ever highlights the Liberal Democrat case for reform. Even the best politicians must be accountable to the public, and the current system of lifetime appointments means that doesn't happen."

    Lib Dem peer Jeremy Purvis last month set out plans for a new UK constitutional convention, as part of a bill which included plans to overhaul the House of Lords.

    And today Tim has written to leaders of all parties in both chambers - including the Labour leadership candidates - calling for them to back the convention and take seriously the case for reform.

    Tim said: "It is hugely disappointing, but not that surprising, that David Cameron and the Tories are still stubbornly refusing to budge on a shake-up in the House of Lords.

    "Calls for a moratorium, or a retirement age just paper over the cracks. Nothing will be achieved until Parliamentarians vote in favour of abolition and reform, something Lib Dems are committed to doing.

    "So, it is left to the Liberal Democrats to lead the overwhelming case to ensure our second chamber is elected and properly accountable to the British people."

  • Article: Jul 29, 2015
    The government has just allowed bee-killing pesticides to be unleashed across Britain's farms, threatening the butterflies and bugs we rely on to grow our food.

    Scientists' warnings got these pesticides banned across the European Union, but the government has caved in to the powerful pesticide industry and the National Farmers Union to let them be used here again. It's up to us to stop this madness -- if we continue to poison our pollinators, the hedgerows, fields and fruit trees of this country will end up silent.

    Overturning a decision like this is going to take an unprecedented number of us speaking up.
  • bicycle
    Article: Jul 23, 2015

    The Bradford on Avon Cycling Festival on the weekend of 5/6 September promises to be fun for everyone - from a Hill climb to a Cyclocross race and family rides. Live art, Cycle films and a cycle jumble. And a wonderful bicycle trail all around the town.

    The weekend's cycling activities will be accompanied by plenty of children's fun too - teach your kids the first skills to get on their balance bikes and skills to get them riding as they gain confidence, as well as bouncy castles, face painting and entertainment.

  • Article: Jul 22, 2015

    The Ashton Park development is a huge new estate on the West Ashton road. In responding to the plans the Town Council has suggested improving the facilities for cyclists and helping residents by keeping lorry traffic off of residential roads.

    Here's their response:

    That Trowbridge Town Council welcomes the progress being made on the plans for the development at 'Ashton Park' to meet the needs of the growing sustainable community of Trowbridge. The Town Council welcomes the proposals for the West Ashton and Yarnbrook Relief Road, providing additional capacity on the A350 and approaches to Trowbridge, improving traffic flows, accessibility and contributing to the economy of the town and area. Trowbridge Town Council has a number of concerns which we would ask are addressed in changes to the proposal at this stage, amendments to the proposal as the design progresses to implementation or additions which will improve safety, sustainability and accessibility:

  • Article: Jul 21, 2015

    The Conservative administration at County Hall in Trowbridge today discussed the highly controversial BBLP grass cutting, street scene and highways contract. The press and public were excluded from hearing the details of the discussions.

    The contract that has been running for 2 years has experienced numerous problems with many residents finding the grass verges in their areas uncut for months on end, a problem that continues today in some parts of the county.

    Local Liberal Democrats have been raising concerns about this contract since it was first proposed saying at the time it was too large to work and giving voice to people's concerns. When local Lib Dem Councillors raised these these concerns previously they were greeted by scorn from members of the cabinet, who failed to react in any way to this growing problem.

    Leader of Wiltshire's Liberal Democrats Jon Hubbard commented "This contract has always been problematic and I really hope that the Conservative administration are finally waking up to the true scale of the problems this contract has caused.

    "Now it is time to listen to the people of Wiltshire and find a way to make this contract work effectively, efficiently and affordably."

  • Wheelie bin
    Article: Jul 21, 2015

    The WC Cabinet has awarded contracts for several of the council's waste management services to start on 1 August 2017, and is considering changing the way waste and recyclables are collected.

    They have decided to award contracts to Hills Waste Solutions for:

    • Lot 1 - materials recovery facilities for dry recyclables such as glass, plastic, cans and paper, the management of mini recycling sites and two household recycling centres owned by the external provider
  • First Bus
    Article: Jul 21, 2015

    First bus company has decided to make significant changes to many services including the withdrawal of some routes which are no longer commercially viable.

    The cuts will take effect on two dates; some routes will be changed or withdrawn from 2 August, while the remainder will change from 23 August.

    The routes that are significantly affected in South West Wiltshire are: