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Recent updates

  • Article: Nov 25, 2015

    Wiltshire Council has given planning permission for a 5MW solar farm at Brook Hall in Heywood parish. The development will consist of static arrays of solar photovoltaic panels, ancillary plant, electrical equipment, SSE substation, security cameras, access tracks and fencing.

    Heywood and North Bradley parish councils had objected to the scheme, though only two members of the public had complained.

  • Article: Nov 19, 2015

    A message from Cllrs Chivers and Osborns:

    On Thursday 26th of November we will be presenting all petitions to the Wiltshire Health and Well Being Board at County Hall, Trowbridge. There will be a photo call outside County Hall at 2.40 pm on that Thursday. Please do your best to attend and please encourage others to attend. We want to make a positive impression to those who will decide the future of the vital Hopper service.

  • Article: Nov 13, 2015

    Glenis made her first appearance as leader at Tuesday's cabinet meeting in Trowbridge where she grilled the Conservative administration about the failing of the Balfour Beatty contract and the reputational risk this might bring to the council, as well as how to improve the contracting process in future.

    Glenis said " It is a pleasure to have been elected as the leader of the Liberal Democrat group here on Wiltshire Council and I will do my best to make sure that our team do as much as possible to hold the Conservative administration to account."

    Trowbridge Councillor Steve Oldrieve said "The Administration must take at least some responsibility for the failure of this contract and make sure that something like this is not allowed to happen again. We are now seeing that the Council will be providing less services and we have to make sure that communities are aware of what will be happening."

  • Cycling Investment
    Article: Nov 13, 2015

    Robin Summerhill is a self-publishing author, producing books on long distance cycling and walking opportunities around the country, mainly concentrating on former railway routes which are now footpaths/ cycle tracks, and canal towpaths. His books also have a strong flavour of local transport history about them. They are very much aimed at the "leisure" end of the market, breaking the journeys down into easy manageable sections of about 5 miles each way. In this day and age when we are all being encouraged to take up healthy leisure pursuits, these books are designed to provide some ideas on that subject!

  • Article: Nov 9, 2015

    Police are urging people to be vigilant after a spate of frauds where people in Wiltshire have been tricked into handing over large amounts of money to criminals posing as police officers.

    Two women from Wiltshire were recently targeted and duped into travelling to London and handing over tens of thousands of pounds and valuable goods to fraudsters.

    These cases are the latest in a spate of recent incidents where members of the public, sometimes vulnerable elderly people, have been tricked by scammers.

    Be cautious when speaking to people over the phone who claim to be from the police, the bank or any other body.

    DC Jayne Hurd, from the Wiltshire Fraud Investigation Team, said: "We need the assistance of the public to get the message across to the residents of Wiltshire and I ask everyone reading this article to cascade the information to their friends, family, neighbours and work colleagues.

    "It is important to know that anyone can fall foul of this crime as the suspects are polite, well-spoken and often use police terminology to lull you into a false sense of security.

    "The suspects will also insist that things are done "without delay" and push for money to be withdrawn as a matter of urgency in order to protect it. This is done to intimidate and confuse their victim."

    She added: "Fraud is not just committed against the elderly and vulnerable and we stress that the more that this type of crime is talked about between the residents of Wiltshire the more potential victims we will be protecting from this terrible crime.

    "I cannot stress enough the importance of the below recommendations in order to protect your money. There will always be new frauds coming to our attention but if you follow the below advice you will remain safe against becoming another victim."

    - A genuine police officer or bank official will NEVER ask you to reveal personal financial details, about your account over the phone.

    - They will NEVER ask you to withdraw or transfer money to different accounts or deliver money to them at a named location.

    - A real police officer or bank official will not mind you checking them out. However ALWAYS hang up your phone and use a different phone either mobile, friends' or neighbours' if necessary to make a call to 101 or to your local bank branch. The suspect will hold your landline open leading you to believe that you are dialling out when actually they are still there.

    - Never allow the person to transfer you.

    - ALWAYS use a number that you know to be true. It is imperative that you NEVER ring a number that you have been given over the phone or received via an email link. Use the number on the back of your bank card written along the top edge or use a number gained from your bank statement or via your bank's secure internet website

    - If you have any reservations about the call put the phone down.

    - You will NEVER be asked to assist in an investigation in this manner

    - Always speak to someone about what has happened, whether this is talking to a family member or mentioning it to your bank.

    - Do not keep quiet or make up a story about why you are withdrawing money because this is what you have been told to do over the phone. You will NEVER be asked to do this by either banks or police.

    - Remember, you are always in control of the call NOT the person calling you. Always hang up if you are suspicious and report it.

  • Article: Oct 30, 2015
    There will be overnight carriageway closures and diversions on the A303 at Yarnbury Castle west of Winterbourne Stoke for ten nights between Monday 9th and Friday 27th November to allow contractors to upgrade the road surface.

    The closures will be between 8pm and 6am and signs will be used to indicate which nights they will be in place. The work will be on the eastbound carriageway for the first six nights and on the westbound for the remaining four nights.

    Highways England project manager Maduabuchi Ani said: "The work includes the replacement of the existing road surface with a new thin wearing surface to provide a quieter and smoother ride. The scheme will minimise the need for future repairs and deliver the best possible solution in terms of whole life cost and value for money.

    We will be carrying out the work overnight to minimise disruption for road users. The resurfacing will be weather dependent and may be subject to changes."

    During the overnight closures the following diversions will be in place:

    • A303 Westbound - Traffic to be diverted from the A303 / A360 Longbarrow Junction to travel South on the A360 then Southwest on The Avenue then West on the A30 and then North on the A350 to re-join the A303 Westbound

    • A303 Eastbound - Traffic to be diverted from the A303 / A350 Furzehedge Junction to travel South on the A350 then East on the A30 then Northeast on The Avenue and then North on the A360 to re-join the A303 Eastbound

    • A36 Northbound - Traffic requiring the A303 Eastbound - Traffic to be diverted from the A303 / A36 Deptford Junction to travel West on the A303 to the A303 / A350 Furzehedge Junction to travel South on the A350 then East on the A30 then Northeast on The Avenue and then North on the A360 to re-join the A303 Eastbound

    • A36 Southbound - Traffic requiring the A303 Eastbound - Traffic to be diverted from the A303 / A36 Deptford Junction to travel West on the A303 to the A303 / A350 Furzehedge Junction to travel South on the A350 then East on the A30 then Northeast on The Avenue and then North on the A360 to re-join the A303 Eastbound.

    For more information contact Highways England on 0300 123 50000

  • Article: Oct 29, 2015
    By WC

    WC has now confirmed that a second cow which died at the farm in Westbury on Tuesday had anthrax. It is not unusual for the disease to affect other cows in the herd so this is not unexpected.

    The cow was incinerated and movement will continue to be restricted at the farm.

    The council continues to work with DEFRA, Environment Agency and the Animal Plant and Health Agency to investigate and to monitor the welfare of the animals.

  • Article: Oct 27, 2015

    Wiltshire Council is to ban smoking outdoors at all its sites, including County Hall and other offices, from next year. Staff smoking areas will be removed. The ban will also apply to members of the public, and to other organisations such as the police which use WC sites.

    WC chiefs accept that smokers may loiter on the public highway outside of the offices, that enforcement will be difficult especially where members of the public are concerned, that littering may increase, that staff who smoke may become demoralised, and that it may be difficult to get police officers to obey the ban.

  • Article: Oct 21, 2015

    A message from Cllr Terry Chivers:

    "The valuable RUH Hopper is again under threat from Wiltshire Council.

    It is quite likely that you signed our petition to save it a few months back. We were successful with that, but as we feared they now have new proposals to cut it or charge more.

    So please come to the support of this vital service for so many local people. If the Hopper goes many people will find it very difficult to get to RUH Bath. Their health will suffer.

  • Article: Oct 15, 2015

    The government is considering the granting of fracking licenses for four areas. These are the Ordnance Survey 10km grid squares ST84, ST85, ST94 and ST95. Together they form a 20km square with its corners at Westwood, Potterne, Codford and Horningsham. Trowbridge, Westbury and Warminster are within the area.